Journal Club

We facilitate a journal club which meets two times a month during the academic year. For Winter Term 2011 we will be meeting from 12:30-1:30 pm in Room 436 at the Library Processing Centre (School of Population and Public Health-2206 East Mall on the UBC campus). Participants engage in in-depth discussion and critique of an article related to global health, chosen to reflect participant interests and read in advance. Participants are encouraged to share their experiences and interests. No prior knowledge is necessary. Everyone is welcome to come and engage in lively discussion and debate. To view upcoming and recent journal articles click here.

Fall 2010

Fall Term 2010 topics included:
  • (10th November 2010) "Rural Health Care in Vietnam and China: Conflict between market reforms and social need" by Huong et al (2007) facilitated by Ruth Lavergne, Doctoral Student at the School of Population and Public Health
  • (20th October 2010) An Examination of Dambisa Moyo's book Dead Aid. Facilitated by Anna Carson, Masters Student and Angeli Rawat, Doctoral Student, both at the School of Population and Public Health
  • (29th September 2010)"Strengthening Health Systems in Poor Countries: A Code of Conduct for Nongovernmental Organizations" by Pfeiffer et al (2008) facilitated by Ben Brisbois, Doctoral Candidate at the School of Population and Public Health